"About Love & Champagne" - Jan/Feb 2014

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REVIEWS for "About Love & Champagne"

"...Beilfuss lays out his insecurity with his home, his career, his cultural appropriations and his identity. That all seems very intellectual and removed, but there’s a clawing away at both the guts of being a man and the idea of being a Winnipegger that’s very visceral in this one-man show...Romantic without being emotionally self-indulgent, witty, About Love & Champagne is a gutsy, vulnerable response to Chekhov from one of our own..." - The Spectator Tribune

"...Beilfuss taps into [Chekhov's universality] by mixing it in his own story of emigrating here and blending that with Chekhov’s writing in a very clever way. It’s another one that is also very funny at points, especially in the opening, with a great personal monologue..." - CBC Radio

"...[Beilfuss] begins his monologue with a Russian toast and then says, "It's been a long time since I drank champagne," which just happens to be the last words of Anton Chekhov. Soon Beilfuss brings the subject of his chat around to himself, which might be dismissed as self-indulgent, but his story, and the ease with which it is told, earns audience attention....The engaging actor/playwright presents himself as a tortured romantic figure who has an overheated farewell scene with his forbidden love." - The Winnipeg Free Press

"...Beilfuss’s thesis is that Chekhov is a universal writer, but also one who speaks profoundly to an audience in our particular time and place. His performance is natural and compelling throughout." - CBC Scene

=> A heart-to-heart. A few drinks. An original monologue from a desperate man, based on Chekhov's short stories. The themes are classic: love, loss, and longing - with a touch of the darkly funny.

Devised and performed by Rodrigo Beilfuss. Produced by Stephanie Plaitin.

PART OF "CHEKHOVFEST 2014"http://www.masterplaywrightfest.com/


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