"Shakespeare & Me: Beilfuss Bard Bash" - April, 2014

Added on by Rodrigo Beilfuss.

Had he been an immortal Jedi, William Shakespeare would be turning 450 on April 23, 2014...

Curiously enough, that's also my birthday month!

"Shakespeare & Me" is a workshop/reading of a one-man show I have been working on, which covers a bit of biographical history and fun Shakespearean anecdotes, as well as performances of key monologues and scenes from the plays. The goal is to educate, celebrate, and perhaps to shed light on the mysterious man behind the words. 

As the show is as much about Shakespeare as it is about my personal relationship with his works, some of the speeches will be performed in English AND Portuguese - my native language.

Presented on Wednesday, April 30th at 8pm, at Ace Art inc: 2nd floor 290 McDermot Avenue. PAY WHAT YOU CAN AT THE DOOR!